Vannin Capital Steps Back From IPO

Vannin Capital has stepped back from its plans to offer an IPO on the London Stock Exchange.  This comes right after the third-party funding company initially announced its decision to float on the market in September.  If you missed our coverage of that announcement, check it out HERE.

Proactive Investors reported that after initially projecting a £1 billion valuation last month, Vannin decreased that valuation over this past week to £700 million at most.  Some are suggesting this could be due to Vannin taking notice of the poor performance of the IPOs of Aston Martin and Funding Circle in recent weeks.  Vannin’s executive, however, simply […]

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USMCA Is the New NAFTA: New Limitations on ISDS

President Trump has struck a deal with Canada and Mexico that, if approved by Congress, could affect foreign investors’ ability to arbitrate directly with a country.  See the CBS announcement HERE or listen on NPR HERE.  A comprehensive analysis can be found on Law360 HERE (subscription needed).

In a late-night decision, the United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement (USMCA) has replaced the nearly 25-year-old NAFTA agreement (North American Free Trade Agreement). Along with new guidelines regarding dairy trade and auto tariffs, the agreement between the US, Mexico, and Canada will change how foreign investors from each member state are able to seek remedies against each participating […]

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Vannin Capital to Go Public

Vannin Capital, a third-party funder, announced that it is going public on the London Stock Exchange (LSE) next month. See the official announcement by the LSE,  HERE.

The decision to float comes almost ten years after Vannin’s rival, Burford Capital, decided to make the leap in 2009.  It is projected that becoming a publically-traded company will raise the value of the company to somewhere between $655M and $1.3B.  This comes as no surprise when looking at the increase in the frequency of third-party funding in just the past six years. (For more information read about the rise of third-party funding read our recent blog […]

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