CHANG LAW is an international law firm specializing in international commercial arbitration disputes, as well as investor-state arbitration disputes.

Our singular focus on international arbitration puts our law firm at the leading edge of the international dispute resolution market, and allows us to support clients anywhere in the world.

We represent businesses and individuals in a broad range of industry sectors, and draw on our extensive experience to help our clients resolve both commercial and investor-state disputes. We also counsel clients on non-contentious legal and business issues with an international dimension. This includes, for example, investment treaty planning for businesses looking to invest in emerging markets.

One of our particular strengths is our legal experience in both common law and civil law systems, which gives us a truly global reach. Chang Law is also one of the few international firms with a specific focus on Africa-based disputes, whether in francophone or anglophone parts of the Continent.

CHANG LAW’s core mission is to provide industry-leading, quality legal services with unmatched value. The quality of our alternative dispute resolution services is best-of-class, and we proudly stand toe-to-toe with larger international law firms. At the same time, we offer aggressive, value-driven rates and innovative fee structures that larger law firms (and even smaller “boutique” law firms) are structurally unable to provide.

We are able to combine Quality and Value through an innovative business model that focuses on strict cost discipline, and leverages service scalability.

Founder and Principal Eric Z. Chang launched the firm as an alternative to large, expensive law firms that currently dominate the international arbitration market. By focusing on international arbitration only, Chang Law remains agile, and maintains overhead that is a fraction of larger, multi-service, multi-office law firms. We also leverage service scalability through the judicious use of select and trusted local counsel throughout the world with whom we develop a close working relationship. This scalability exploits a natural feature of international arbitration, in that most disputes require local counsel to provide specific local law advice. The advantages are obvious: we control quality and can negotiate favorable rates on behalf of our clients. Most importantly, we deploy additional manpower only when necessary. Without a large permanent legal and support staff spread out over multiple cities, we achieve significant cost savings – moreover, there is never any incentive to overstaff a case to keep idle lawyers employed.

In this way, Chang Law is sufficiently nimble to handle small to mid-size international arbitration disputes in a cost-effective manner, but can also quickly scale up to handle much larger and complex international arbitration matters without sacrificing Quality or Value.

In addition to our unmatched value-drive rates, we also offer innovative Alternative Fee Arrangements that can help a client manage its litigation risks, as well as closely align the client’s and firm’s interests in the most cost-efficient way possible.

Challenge us to put together a proposal for your dispute; we are confident you will find our law firm to be the compelling choice.


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