Chang Law advises and represents clients anywhere in the world on the entire spectrum of the international arbitration process, including: early case assessment and definition of arbitration strategies, pre-dispute negotiations, selection of arbitrators, the filing and conduct of international arbitration proceedings, the discovery process, advocacy at arbitration hearings, and the confirmation, challenge and enforcement of arbitral awards. Other legal services relating to international arbitration include the filing or defense of applications for interim measures before national courts. Our law firm works closely with local counsel, witnesses, experts (such as forensic accountants, damages experts and industry experts), and other outside vendors, such as e-discovery and litigation support services, on an as-needed basis. Chang Law has experience with other alternative disputes resolution methods such as mediation and expert determinations. We can advise on the particular option best suited to a particular client’s business needs.

We also advise on investment treaty planning for investors looking to enter emerging markets. We work closely with clients’ accounting and tax consultants to set up special purpose investment vehicles that will maximize the protections and guarantees afforded by existing bilateral investment treaties and/or multilateral trade and investment treaties such as NAFTA or the Energy Charter Treaty.

Our law firm further advises clients on drafting, negotiating and/or reviewing international arbitration clauses or other dispute resolution clauses in a variety of international contracts and situations. We have experience with complex dispute resolution clauses, including multi-tiered arbitration or litigation clauses that combine mediation, arbitration clauses with specific carve-outs (for example, carving out specific items for expert procedures), as well as multiple arbitration and/or litigation clauses in groups of contracts situations and/or multi-party situations

Chang Law advises and represents clients anywhere in the world, under virtually any legal system. While larger law firms maintain permanent physical offices and legal staff around the world, we maintain a nimble footprint and rely on our extensive experience in both common law and civil law systems, as well as our close associations with select local counsel around the world. Trusted local counsel specialized in a particular legal system and jurisdiction are called upon only when needed. Chang Law controls quality and is able to negotiate competitive and favorable rates with local counsel. As a result, our fees remain extremely competitive even as we are able to maintain a truly global reach.

Chang Law has experience in a wide variety of industry sectors, including but not limited to:
  • energy/oil and gas and natural resources
  • services industry
  • telecommunications
  • transportation
  • engineering/construction and design
  • joint ventures
  • financial services
  • hospitality
  • manufacturing and retail
  • post-sale/post-acquisition disputes
Chang Law assists both investors and sovereign states (including state-owned entities) in investor-state disputes arising under bilateral investment treaties (BIT) and international law, including those arising under the auspices of ICSID, NAFTA, or under the UNCITRAL Rules.
Eric Z. Chang accepts appointments as arbitrator in international arbitration disputes. His dual background in both civil law and common law systems is especially relevant for disputes involving parties from different legal traditions and/or the application of two or more substantive laws. In addition to his sensitivity to differences in legal culture, Mr. Chang brings an appreciation for different local business and industry cultures.


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