ICC Court To Issue Reasoned Decisions On Arbitrator Challenges

By October 23, 2015October 9th, 2020Chang Law

The ICC International Court of Arbitration recently announced that it will begin issuing reasoned decisions on such issues as arbitrator challenges, consolidation of arbitrations, and prima facie decisions on jurisdiction.

In its press release, the ICC Court cited growing user demand as a reason for communicating reasons for administrative decisions. According to ICC Court President Alexis Mourre, the move reflects the ICC Court’s desire to enhance transparency and clarity of the ICC arbitration process.

The Court noted that any requests for communication of reasons must be made in advance of the relevant decision in respect of which reasons are sought. The Court may charge an increase in the administrative expenses for requests for reasoned decisions, which should normally not exceed $5000 USD.

ICC remains the premier international arbitration institution for dispute resolution, with an important caseload covering the world. Even with the recent proliferation of regional arbitral institutions (which are sometimes better adapted to handle certain disputes), the ICC is still a popular choice for international businesses who regularly draft arbitration clauses into their agreements as an effective tool for efficient resolution of disputes.