ArbTech Launch – The Future of Justice

By January 29, 2021January 31st, 2021Chang Law

We are excited to announce the launch of ArbTech, a worldwide community fostering cross
disciplinary dialogue on tech, dispute resolution, and the future of Justice.

The ArbTech forum debates, discusses, and collaborates on the innovative, ethical application of
technology to peacefully, efficiently, and equitably resolve international disputes. We have
already completed a successful pilot group phase, and are now accepting expressions of interest,
with a view to open the forum to worldwide membership starting in February 2021.

ArbTech’s Founding Members include Sophie Nappert, an independent arbitrator and Moderator
of the hugely popular OGEMID discussion group. According to Ms. Nappert, “ArbTech aims to be
a hub that fosters cross-disciplinary dialogue on the justice of the future. We welcome fellow
enthusiasts from across the spectrum of disciplines that intersect the legaltech space.”
Astonishing advancements in technology, such as artificial intelligence and distributed online
ledgers, are creating tectonic shifts in all aspects of society, including one of the most critical
human endeavors, the peaceful resolution of conflicts. ArbTech provides a community and
networking space for those who seek to shape the impact of technology on the future of dispute
resolution. ArbTech’s online forum welcomes a diverse membership to engage in proactive,
constructive debate and the ethical, conscientious application of technology to the vital function
of dispute resolution – as opposed to a reactive and unprincipled incursion of technology into
the dispute resolution space.

ArbTech draws from both the international dispute resolution community, and the community
of developers, engineers and scientists working in the realm of computer science, AI, distributed
ledger technology, computational linguistics, and more. We seek engaged and engaging
members who are eager to learn, make a difference, and participate at the forefront of the
dialogue on technology and dispute resolution.

ArbTech’s main communication forum will be via Slack. Expressions of interest may be sent to
[email protected], or via private message to ArbTech’s LinkedIn page at Our LinkedIn page will include occasional
posts drawn from our initial pilot phase roll-out. If you are interested, reach out with your name,
location, and a brief summary of your background and why you are interested in ArbTech.

Eric Chang is a founding Member of ArbTech.